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Apologies Accepted

submit your apology acceptance

You can submit your photo here. It would be cool if you mentioned where you're from, so you can make the message even more meaningful. We will screen all photos and place them as soon as we can, if we don't reject them. Like sorryeverybody.com, we will reject hateful or hostile photos. If you want your photo to be placed on the internet only, please reduce your image size to 640x480 before uploading. If you want your photo to be considered for the Apologies Accepted Book, please upload the best available version of your image (150-300 dpi).

To submit your photo, browse to the photo on your harddrive using the 'Browse' button. If you wish to be considered for the book Apology Accepted (which we would appreciate very much), tick the selectbox to agree with our Terms and Conditions. Then, press 'Upload' to send your photo to us. Thanks!

We are sorry, but uploads are no longer possible. And in fact, they are no longer that necessary, or are they?

NOTE: When submitting an image for book consideration, please try and submit images (jpeg, preferably) that are as high-quality as possible (150-300dpi). Also note that when submitting book images, they are processed seperately than regular submissions. If you want your picture to be considered for both the site and the book, submit it twice, once with the checkbox checked, and once with it not!